Product Photography Styling Tips

product styling flat lay online learning | | kris sun for day designerWhat is product styling?

Product styling is the art of making a product look as good as possible so your customer will want to like it, share it, and, of course, buy it.

jewelry flat lay styling online learning | | photo: Lydia Murty for The Giving Keys

What is a product stylist?

A product stylist is the behind the scenes artist who makes those products look so darn good. There are many types of product styling from hard good styling aka, product in a bottle, to soft good styling, like a t-shirt. There are even stylists who specialize in styling jewelry flat lay.

flat lay hard goods styling online learning | | photo: Lane Dittoe for The ArkWhy is product styling important?

Styling your product is important because it sets your product apart from the crowd. If you have consistent product imagery that immediately elevates your brand and gives your brand a luxury quality.

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How do I create consistently styled e-Commerce product photography?

Consistent eCommerce product photography makes you look like a professional. Keep your product photos consistent by creating photography style guidelines for your business.

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What is a photography style guideline?

A photography style guideline is how you defining how your ecommerce photos should look for this shoot and all other shoots. You can learn how to create your own guidelines in our online course, How to Create Compelling Photos for Your Business.

styled product flay lay online learning | | photo: Kris Sun for Day Designer

How do i create styled product photography?

Styled product photography is where your using elements or “props” in addition to the product itself. Props could be anything from flowers, to office supplies, to food, really anything you can think of could be a prop. Props, allow you to create unlimited content that is more visually engaging than just your basic product photo. A beautifully styled product photography gets your customer to stop scrolling and gives you more time to engage your potential customer. You may get a like, you may get a share, or even better, you may get that sale.

lifestyle photo styling online learning | | photo: Jacqueline Pilar for Nature's RepairCan I style my own product photos?

Yes, and you can learn how to style product photos online. Check out or online photo styling courses for creative businesses where you can learn product styling trade secrets and how to style your own product photos for your own social media and marketing needs.

lifestyle photo styling online learning | | photo: Jacqueline Pilar for Nature's Repair

How do you become a product stylist?

Typically, you start by working as an assistant to a product stylist or you can also learn how to style products online at The Stylist Directory.  Here you will learn how to build your portfolio with “test shoots”  as well as product styling trade secrets.



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